The Heart Of The Blue Ridge Mountains

Gardening in the Cashiers Area

The Cashiers / Highlands Plateau is known for it's diverse native plant life. The plateau is home to many rare species of plants and trees. Our unique geography and abundant annual rainfall (over 100 inches) creates a rainforest with hundreds of waterfalls, many lakes and ponds of all sizes, and lush vegetation. Wild rhododendron and mountain laurel are in abundance, as are the various birds and butterflies. Due to the altitude here (3500 feet) the temperatures are generally 15-20 degrees cooler than the lower elevations making this an ideal climate for many flowers.

There are many locations in Cashiers and surrounding Jackson County that are great for all kinds of gardens and gardening. A wonderful gardening experience awaits you in Cashiers, the Heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains!

Dr. Lynn Dillard is a longtime resident of Cashiers and, along with her husband, has owned and operated Scotlyn's Yard Nursery in Cashiers since opening in 1982. Dr. Dillard appears here regularly as contributor to the community website.

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